#1. In the first census, God told Moses to count every man over what age? (NUMBERS 1:2-3)

#2. On which side of the tabernacle was Moses instructed to camp? (NUMBERS 3:38)

#3. What was forbidden under the Nazirite vow? (NUMBERS 6:2-4)

#4. Which Israelite tribe was the largest in the first census? (NUMBERS 1:27)

#5. What did Balaam son of Beor own? (NUMBERS 22:27-28: 27)

#6. Where did the first Israelite census take place? (NUMBERS 1:18-19)

#7. Which Levite clan wasn't given any oxen at the dedication of the tabernacle? (NUMBERS 7:6-9: 6 )

#8. What disease did God strike Miriam with for talking against Moses?

#9. What kind of trumpets did Israelite priests use to call the community together? (NUMBERS 10:1-3)

#10. To whom did the clans of Libnites and Shimeites belong? (NUMBERS 3:21)

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