#1. What was Nehemiah's relationship to King Artaxerxes? (NEHEMIAH 1:11)

#2. What resource did Asaph provide Nehemiah with? (NEHEMIAH 2:7-8)

#3. Who ridiculed Nehemiah for trying to rebuild Jerusalem? (NEHEMIAH 2:19-20)

#4. Which gate did the sons of Hassenaah rebuild? (NEHEMIAH 3:3)

#5. Who helped Shallum son of Hallohesh repair the wall of Jerusalem? (NEHEMIAH 3:12)

#6. What did the builders wear as they worked on the wall? (NEHEMIAH 4:18)

#7. How many Jews and officials ate at Nehemiah's table? (NEHEMIAH 5:17)

#8. What false prophet tried to hinder Nehemiah's efforts to rebuild the walls? (NEHEMIAH 6:14)

#9. Where did Nehemiah read the Book of the Law of Moses? (NEHEMIAH 8:3)

#10. Who led the procession to the top of the wall of Jerusalem during the dedication? (NEHEMIAH 12:31-36)

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