#1. How did the Israelites destroy the wall of Jericho? (JOSHUA 6:20)

#2. Who gave shelter to Joshua's spies in Jericho? (JOSHUA 2:1)

#3. According to Joshua, one Israelite could rout how many inhabitants of Canaan? (JOSHUA 23:10)

#4. What river did the Israelites cross shortly after the death of Moses? (JOSHUA 1:1-2)

#5. Where did Rahab hide Joshua's spies? (JOSHUA 2:6)

#6. What did the Israelites do with the children of Jericho? (JOSHUA 6:21)

#7. Whose descendants became two tribes of Israel? (JOSHUA 14:4)

#8. Which inhabitants of the land of Canaan did Joshua make a treaty with? (JOSHUA 9:16-18: 16)

#9. The Israelites did not dislodge the Canaanites living in what city-state? (JOSHUA 16:10)

#10. Which Israelite took some of the devoted things from the city of Jericho? (JOSHUA 7:1)

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