#1. Joel opens with an account of the sufferings of Judah, due to a drought and a plague of which animal?

#2. Joel is concerned about the failing crops, not only because he fears that the people will not be fed, but he also fears that what will not happen?

#3. Because of the famine Joel says that the people should mourn like a young woman who has lost her what?

#4. Joel compares the plague of locusts to what?

#5. Joel encourages the people to return to God. What does he tell them they should tear rather than their clothes?

#6. Joel says that if the people repent, God will banish what from the Kingdom of Judah?

#7. Joel is quoted in the New Testament by the Apostle Peter. Peter quotes Joel's prophecy about what being poured out on all flesh?

#8. God speaks through Joel of the last days when the sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into what?

#9. Joel says that many people will gather for God's judgement in the valley of what?

#10. Through Joel God says that in the future the mountains will flow with wine, the hills with milk and the rivers with what?

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