#1. Jeremiah speaks of a time when everyone shall know God and that He will forgive their sin. What does Jeremiah call this?

#2. After the Babylonians had captured the king of Judah, God showed Jeremiah a vision which likened the Jews to what?

#3. God commanded Jeremiah to pass on a message to all the kings in the area. He was to speak this message whilst wearing what?

#4. Jeremiah's prophecies were not popular and the people of his hometown plotted to kill him. What was the name of Jeremiah's hometown?

#5. In chapters 46 - 51 of the Book of Jeremiah, he tells us of God's plans for the nations which surround Israel. How many nations does Jeremiah speak of?

#6. The Jews were not to be exiled to Babylon forever and Jeremiah correctly predicted how long it would be before they were set free. How long was it before the Jews returned home?

#7. The Book of Jeremiah begins when God speaks to him and tells him that he has been chosen to be God's spokesman. How old was Jeremiah when God chose him as His prophet?

#8. As a sign of His coming judgement, God forbade Jeremiah to marry, to feast or even to do what other thing with the people of Israel?

#9. As a warning for the people of Jerusalem God had Jeremiah gather them together and then to break what item?

#10. To illustrate to Jeremiah how He felt about His chosen people, God had Jeremiah bury an item of clothing. Which item was it?

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