#1. Hosea, at the command of God, took a wife. What was her name?

#2. Hosea was told by God to name his son Jezreel. What does 'Jezreel' mean in Hebrew?

#3. Hosea and his wife next had a daughter, Lo-ruhamah. She also was symbolic, but of what?

#4. Gomer had a third child, named Lo-ammi. What does the name Lo-ammi mean?

#5. Hosea became sad because he had lost which member of his family?

#6. Despite her wicked ways, Hosea loved Gomer and went out to look for her. He found her living as a slave and he paid her owner to give her back. How much did Hosea have to pay for his wife?

#7. Hosea warns the people of their coming judgement. He says that they shall reap what?

#8. Chapter 11 in the Book of Hosea shows God's regret that he must punish the Northern Kingdom. But He promises that one day they shall return as a bird from Egypt and as which animal from Assyria?

#9. Hosea condemns the people's idolatry, saying that they kiss what?

#10. The Book of Hosea ends with God's promise to restore Israel. In it the scent of Israel is compared to the wine of which country?