#1. Which Persian king decided to rebuild the Lord's temple in Jerusalem? (EZRA 1:1-3)

#2. In which month did the Israelites rebuild the altar of God? (EZRA 3:1-3)

#3. What was the minimum age for the Levites who supervised the rebuilding of the temple? (EZRA 3:8)

#4. What musical instruments were used to celebrate the laying of the foundation of the temple? (EZRA 3:10)

#5. Which Persian king sent a letter commanding the Israelites to stop rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem? (EZRA 4:23-24)

#6. King Darius decreed that anyone who interfered with the building of the temple would be _____. (EZRA 6:11)

#7. The temple was completed during the reign of which Persian king? (EZRA 6:15)

#8. What was Ezra's profession? (EZRA 7:6)

#9. What did Ezra give to the twelve priests? (EZRA 8:28-29)

#10. What sin did Ezra pray about? (EZRA 9:13-15)

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