#1. The baby who will become Moses is found in a basket made of? (Exodus 2:3)

#2. What name did Pharaoh's daughter give the child she found in the river? (Exodus 2: 5-10)

#3. Moses was the son of Amram, a prominent Jewish leader. Since Pharaoh had ordered the slaughter of all Jewish infant boys, Moses’ mother set him afloat in a buoyant cradle upon the Nile. Who's daughter found him?

#4. Whose flock was Moses attending when he saw the angel of the lord in a burning bush? (Exodus 2:18) and (Exodus 3:1)

#5. When Moses killed the Egyptian for beating a Hebrew worker, where did he hide the body? (Exodus 2:12)

#6. Which wind brought the plague of locusts to Egypt? (Exodus 10:13)

#7. Who inscribed the original stone tablets on Mount Sinai? (Exodus 31:18)

#8. What was the first plague that the Egyptian magicians could not duplicate? (Exodus 8:17-18)

#9. While Moses was on Mount Sinai with God, the Israelites made an idol in the shape of a _____.

#10. What tribe was Moses from? (Exodus 2:1-3)

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