#1. What is it that Solomon says will increase when knowledge also increases?

#2. In the 2nd verse of Ecclesiastes Solomon declares "vanity of vanities; all is vanity". What does he mean by this?

#3. One section of Ecclesiastes was set to music and became a hit record in the 1960s entitled "Turn, turn, turn". It talks about the natural order of things and begins with which line?

#4. Although the author of Ecclesiastes is called the Teacher or the Preacher, what is his proper name?

#5. Solomon tells us to rejoice in the pleasant times during our lives but not to forget what?

#6. Ecclesiastes ends with Solomon's conclusion which is that we should fear God and obey his laws because this is our what?

#7. According to the Teacher, a living dog is better than a dead what?

#8. Solomon saw a poor man who was wise save his city from its enemies. What happened afterwards to the poor, wise man?

#9. Solomon says that a fool thinks of happiness whilst a wise man thinks of what?

#10. Solomon tells us to remember God in the good times before our lives become harsh. How does he refer to these good times?

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