#1. Philemon is the shortest of Paul's letters to be found in the Bible. How many verses does it contain?

#2. The letter to Philemon was not from Paul alone, but also from one of his disciples; which one? (Philemon 1:1-3)

#3. Paul thanks God for Philemon's love, not only for Jesus, but for who else? (Philemon 1:4-7)

#4. Paul asks a favour of Philemon on behalf of his escaped slave. What was this slave's name? (Philemon 1:8-11)

#5. Paul sends Onesimus back to Philemon. Why does Paul say that Onesimus had left Philemon for a time? (Philemon 1:12-15)

#6. Paul says to Philemon that he should receive his slave as if he were who? (Philemon 1:16-17)

#7. Paul promises to pay for any losses Philemon has suffered from losing his slave. What does Paul say that Philemon owes to him? (Philemon 1:18-19)

#8. If Philemon does as God would wish, Paul says that it would refresh what? (Philemon 1:20)

#9. Paul is confident that Philemon will do as he asks and he hopes to visit his old friend soon. What does Paul ask Philemon to prepare? (Philemon 1:21-22)

#10. The letter ends with Paul sending greetings from five other men. Four of these were Paul's helpers but who was the fifth man, Epaphras? (Philemon 1:23-25)

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