2 Timothy


#1. Paul warns Timothy that if he denies Christ then Christ will deny him. He assures Timothy, however, that if he dies through Christ then he will live with him. What does Paul say will happen if we suffer through Christ? (II Timothy 2:11-13)

#2. Timothy is urged by Paul to bear the hardships which come to him and not to become entangled in this life, because Jesus has chosen him to be His what? (II Timothy 2:1-4)

#3. Paul opens this letter to his long-time companion by asking God to bless him. How does Paul refer to Timothy in this opening of the letter? (II Timothy 1:1-6)

#4. Paul says that he has been imprisoned because God chose him to be a preacher, an apostle, and what else, to the Gentiles? (II Timothy 1:11-14)

#5. Talking of his approaching death, Paul says that he has finished his course. What is it that he says he has fought? (II Timothy 4:6-8)

#6. At his first trial Paul's friends deserted him and he was alone. God was with him, however, and saved him from what? (II Timothy 4:16-18)

#7. God, says Paul, has given them power, love and wisdom. What does he say God has not given them? (II Timothy 1:7-8)

#8. Paul tells Timothy that all of what, comes from divine inspiration? (II Timothy 3:16-17)

#9. Paul tells Timothy to be gentle and patient with everyone; even those who have been taken captive by the Devil. Paul says that such folk have been caught in the Devil's what? (II Timothy 2:24-26)

#10. In the last days men will be full of sin and will resist the truth in the same way that which two men stood against Moses? (II Timothy 3:1-8)

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