2 John


#1. John talks of a commandment from God which is not new, but has been there from the beginning. What is this commandment? (II John 1:5-6)

#2. The letter is addressed to "the elect lady" and is from the apostle John. By what title does John refer to himself in the opening line? (II John 1:1-2)

#3. John has so much to say that he would prefer to say it in person rather than what? (II John 1:12)

#4. II John ends with a greeting from who? (II John 1:13)

#5. John was very happy when he found the elect lady's children walking where? (II John 1:3-4)

#6. If a false teacher comes to your house, what does John say you should not do? (II John 1:10)

#7. II John is, by the number of verses, the shortest book in the Bible. How many verses does it contain?

#8. If you go against Christ's teachings you will lose God. If you keep Christ's teachings you will gain what? (II John 1:9)

#9. If anyone wishes a false teacher well, then he is a what? (II John 1:11)

#10. Speaking of those who say that Jesus was not Christ, John says that they are the antichrist, and what else? (II John 1:7-8)

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