1 Timothy


#1. Speaking about how elders should be treated, Paul commands that all be treated equally. He gives this command before God, Jesus and who else? (I Timothy 5:19-21)

#2. We brought nothing into this world, and so we should be content if we have just which two things? (I Timothy 6:7-10)

#3. The false teachers, says Paul, will forbid marriage and which other thing? (I Timothy 4:2-5)

#4. Who does Paul say must be blameless, have only one wife, vigilant, sober, well behaved, hospitable and able to teach, amongst other things? (I Timothy 3:2-6)

#5. Paul says that in the last days people will listen to the doctrines of who or what? (I Timothy 4:1)

#6. Paul says that God is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, who no man has or can, what? (I Timothy 6:13-16)

#7. The letter opens with Paul's condemnation of false doctrines. Which two things does Paul say men should pay no attention to? (I Timothy 1:3-5)

#8. A widow who wishes to become a church worker must be at least how old? (I Timothy 5:9-12)

#9. As he has for bishops, Paul also says what kind of person a deacon should be. What does he say deacons should hold in a pure conscience? (I Timothy 3:8-13)

#10. Who is it that Paul says should not teach, but rather should remain silent? (I Timothy 2:12-15)

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