18 Chill Ideas for Your KidMin Program


children's winter activities

Need children’s winter activities for your kidmin program? Check out these 18 ideas for kids, families, and teachers.

Whether kids live in the north, south, east, or west, they all have one thing in common. They love snow! Kids dream of an icy-cold white blanket to dig in, roll in, mold, throw, and even eat!

So we’ve taken those snow-white dreams and provided 18 ideas for children’s winter activities. Kids will learn about Jesus with this blizzard of games, crafts, treats, and more!

18 Children’s Winter Activities for KidMin Programs 

Children’s Winter Activities: Games

Snowman Bowling

Age Level: Elementary ages


  • 10 white plastic foam cups of any size per child
  • black markers
  • beanbags or small balls

Give each child 10 white plastic foam cups and a black marker. Have the children draw snowman faces on each cup. Then show the children how to arrange the cups in a 10-pin bowling pattern. Use beanbags or small balls for bowling balls. The children may each take their bowling sets home.

Snowman Stacking Game

Age Level: All ages


  • white plastic foam cups of any size
  • a timer

Form teams, and give each team a package of white plastic foam cups. Have each team work together to make as tall a pyramid of the cups as possible. Use a timer to increase the game’s pace and fun.

Snow Sock Toss

Age Level: Elementary ages


  • white socks
  • cotton stuffing
  • yarn
  • buckets

Have each child stuff a sock with cotton and tie the sock with yarn in two or three places. Children may toss their snow sock into a bucket for a game or play catch. The shape formed by tying the sock in several places makes it harder to control the direction the sock is tossed.

Snowshoe Races

Age Level: Elementary ages


Children will put their feet inside two tissue boxes, then race on a smooth surface. To play, have three or four children race at a time.

Snowboard Relays

Age Level: All ages


  • flattened cardboard boxes
  • scissors
  • thick rope about 4 feet long for each snowboard

First, make snowboards from flattened cardboard boxes. Poke two holes in one end of each box, then thread a length of thick rope through the holes and tie the ends of the rope together.

Form two even teams, and give each team a snowboard. Team members take turns sitting on the snowboard, while the team captain pulls the person from start to finish across the floor. When all the teammates have reached the finish line, the relay is finished.

Melting Snowball

Age Level: Preschool to kindergarten


  • a white ball, a beanbag, or white paper bag stuffed with paper

Arrange the children in a circle. Then play this game like Hot Potato. Have children pass the “snowball” quickly around the circle so it won’t stay in their hands too long and “melt.”


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