You are the Power that Shapes My life | Christian Devotional Songs | A Praise and Worship Hymn

You are the power that shapes my life
You are the peace in times of strife
The hand that leads me day by day
The light that shines, to guide my way

To you O Lord I lift up my soul
All it possesses, and all it holds
I thank you Lord, with all my being
Your Praises Lord your praises I sing

Fashioned am I for greatness
For all that you’ve given are the best
You’ve created me to be your own
To belong to you, and you alone

You know me Lord yes through and through
My thoughts and words and all I do
My past, my present, future too
Lord I surrender all to you
Praise and Worship is an essential part of our personal and Christian life, and in the life of the church. Christians who have discovered and understood the dynamics of praise and worship have experienced liberty and victory in almost every area and situation of their lives. Psalm 108 is a Psalm of praise and worship to God our creator. God inhabits in the praises of His people.
In Psalm 22:3 we learn that God inhabits the praises of His people.
In praise and worship we encourage the entire congregation to praise God through songs and prayers.
In praise and worship our faith is strengthened.
In praise and worship closed doors are opened up.
In praise and worship chains of spiritual bondages are broken.
In praise and worship healing and deliverance take place.
In praise and worship evil runs away.
Praise and worship elevates us into the presence and power of God.
In praise and worship we receive wisdom and intimate connection with God.
In praise and worship we are refreshed and receive fullness of joy.
In praise and worship, we experience the presence of God.
Praise and worship helps us to break through our chaotic inner world.
Praise and worship brings us into God’s Presence.
In praise and worship, our bondages are destroyed.
Praise and worship removes our burdens and makes room for God’s blessings over our lives.
Praise and worship facilitates access to God.
Praise and worship chases away despair.
In praise and worship we are refreshed and renewed in His presence.
In praise and worship God’s power is manifested and miracles happen.
Praise and worship is a garment which we have to make a choice to wear it.
If we choose to wear the “garment” of praise and worship, the spirit of despair vanishes.
Very often praise and worship is a performance. But the truth is that if we truly praise and worship God with our whole heart, God’s presence will come down and touch us as in the lives of the prophets of old. Praise and worship is an effective weapon against the powers of evil. Physical manifestations of praise and worship include singing, dancing, the raising of hands, bowing, the playing of musical instruments, etc.
Ultimately God is the centre of all that exists. He is the creator, provider and sustainer. He is great and worthy of our praise and worship.Pauline Sisters are canonically the Daughters of St Paul, a congregation of Pontifical right, founded in 1915.
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