Why Does Jesus Invite Even the Little Children to Approach Him?

Why Did Jesus Welcome the Children, and What Does This Mean for Us Today?

Jesus mentioned quite often about the importance of having childlike faith, mentioning that childlike wonder of who God is and what He can do is how we should show our love to the Lord.

Jesus stated in Matthew 18:3 that “unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” He later referenced in Matthew 18:6 that those who cause children who believe in Him to sin would find it better to face death through drowning than face Jesus for those actions.

It was important for people to realize that the best relationship we can have with God is as children to a loving father; we should see ourselves as children cared for by a God who does the impossible. When we become adults, we become distracted by what society thinks and our own agendas, missing out on ways that God is providing, loving, and leading us on our paths ahead. But as children, our imaginations are bigger, and we are more present in the here-and-now to see what God is doing and wants to tell us.

As Jesus rebuked His disciples for their behavior, He demonstrated the upcoming “tearing of the veil” that had prevented people from coming into the presence of God. Jesus coming as a humble servant to the people – not as some untouchable spiritual leader – demonstrated that all people could come to Him.

As children of God, we are God’s chosen, His love, and the reason His Son died on the cross for us. When we view God as children view a father, a trust and reliance is built toward Him. We begin to see that our prayers matter to God and He seeks to hear from us often about everything, which is normally how children like to talk with their fathers (and with everyone in general).

We should come to the feet of Jesus, allow Him to pray over us, and believe with childlike faith that God hears and will answer our prayers.

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