What to Do When Your Child Hits at School

What can parents do if their child hits at school? Here are tips on how to collaborate, understand and intervene in aggressive behaviors at school.

If your child hits at school, you are likely experiencing a range of emotions. You may feel embarrassed, frustrated or helpless. To make matters worse, your child may be well-behaved at home, but become a different child when in the company of other children. What can you do? 

Here we will explore what you can do to uncover the cause of the misbehavior and ways you can collaborate with the school and intervene at home to bring an end to your child’s physical aggression towards others.

Ask for a meeting

Once you receive a report that your child is acting aggressive at school with other children, ask for a meeting with his teachers. Tell them you want to address the issue head on, but you need their help.

Ask them what has worked in the past with other children with this problem. Share what works at home. Ask how you might stay informed on a daily basis. Would email be best? What about a notebook that travels between home and school and contains notes on aggressive incidents, triggers and what is working and what is not? 

Create a partnership with your child’s teacher so that you can approach the issue as teammates, not adversaries.

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