Ways to Overcome Guilt from Abortion & How to Explain Abortion to Kids with Abby Johnson (Part 2)

“People really need to get plugged into their local pregnancy centers and really get plugged into their local pro-life community because we still have a big fight ahead of us.” -Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson continues to share her conversion story from being an abortion clinic leader to the amazing pro-life activist she is today. She relates the story in the Bible about Paul’s conversion to Christianity and the true hero, Ananias, to her own story. Paul would be her, and the true hero, Ananias, would be the people outside of the abortion clinic she worked at who prayed for her and welcomed her when she decided to change her life.

Abby gives suggestions to help women who suffer from guilt after an abortion and how you can memorialize and re-humanize a baby to help overcome that guilt. If your child knows you had an abortion, you should let them be angry and get over it on their own terms; they will work through those emotions independently. She also elaborates on the many ways parents can introduce the topic of abortion to children, helping them understand what it is to be pro-life early on.

She touches upon the controversy around the constitutional right to privacy and what is going on in our courts today (this episode was recorded before Roe v. Wade was overturned).

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