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Millennial families are the young families you are trying to reach.  The oldest Millennials will turn 39 this year.  

Let’s take a closer look at Millennial families and things you need to understand if you are going to reach them for Christ.

There are over 72 million Millennials in the United States.  They are giving birth to 9,000 babies each day.

Research shows that Millennials are slower to establish their own families than previous generations. Studies from Pew Research reveal that Millennials are less likely to live with a family of their own than previous generations.  Over 40% of Millennials do not live with a family of their own.

14% of Millennials live with their parents.

Another 14% live with other family members.

Millennial men are much more likely than Millennial
women to live with their parents (18% of men compared with 10% of

About one-in-ten Millennials live alone. 

Marriage – more than half of Millennials are not married, and those who are got married later in life.  The median age for a first marriage has edged up in recent decades.  The average man first gets married at age 30 and the average woman is 28 when she first weds. 

Millennials are more likely to be cohabiting than previous generations.  Millennial parents put less value on marriages, many choosing to
cohabit with their partners instead. 

12% of Millennials are living with an
unmarried partner – higher than the share of Gen Xers (8%). 

42% of Millennials say it is very important for a couple to be married before having children.  This compares 49% of Gen X and 51% of Boomers.

Millennials are diverse.  More than 10% of married Millennials have a spouse who is of a different racial or ethnic background.

Over 50% of Millennial moms have given birth.  They are older than previous generations when they give birth.  Millennial mothers are more likely than mothers from previous generations to be unmarried.  33% of Millennial moms living with their children are unmarried.  This is compared with 29% of Gen X moms, 23% of Boomer moms and 9% of Silent moms at the same age.


Single dads.  19% of Millennial fathers are single dads.  This compares with Gen X at 15%, Boomers at 4% and 1% of the Silent Generation.


Husband and wife both work.  In 66% of households with a married couple, both the husband and wife work. 

Social media contests.  Millennial parents seem to be in a constant competition to compare their families with others. 90% of Millennials are social-media users.  Social media is their picture albums and many of them are posting the best of their family life. It’s where they brag on their family and so they are selective in what they post to ensure they “wow” other people.

Parenting advice.  Whereas previous generations turned to their parents for parenting advice, Millennial parents usually look online for tips and help.

Kids get to vote.  Many Millennial parents let their children be a part of making family decisions.  That’s why the family drives past Olive Garden and goes to the fast food place that has an indoor playground.

Values.  When asked what values they want their children to have when they grow up, here’s what Millennial parents say:




Connected through technology.

Millennials are more connected to their children.  One factor is technology.  Parents can stay in touch with their children 24/7 through texting, messenger and smartphone calls.   

As you strive to reach and disciple Millennial parents and their children, keep these things in mind.  

Each generation has its own unique characteristics.  Are you trying to reach Millennial parents by using the characteristics of Gen X or Boomers?

Here are some questions I would encourage you to ask.  Talk about these with your team. 

What will your strategy be for reaching Millennial families? 

What do you need to adjust?

How can you connect with Millennial parents?

How can you influence Millennial parents?

Seek God and ask for His wisdom in reaching Millennial parents.

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