The Importance of Prayer Over Your Ministry ~ RELEVANT CHILDREN’S MINISTRY


The secret formula for success in your children’s ministry is found in a secret place.

Here it is…


We have not because we ask not.

What we need more than anything is the power of God that is available to every believer.  

This past Sunday, way before the service started,  I was in our 4/5th grade environment.  I noticed someone was down front praying intently.  

It was one of our small group leaders on his knees praying for the upper elementary kids.  Here is a picture I took of him praying for the children.  He comes early every week and prays for the kids in his group.  He also prays for God to use him to impact their lives.  God is using his life to impact kids.  Why?  Because He is spending time with God and asking God to work through him.


I’ll never forget when I went to Indonesia.  I was speaking at a church that had over 12,000 people attending.  This was in a country that is 98% Muslim.  I had to go through a medal detector and walk by soldiers armed with machine gun to get into the building.  

Once I got inside the church building, they took me on a tour.  

In one room, there was a group of 30 kids on their faces praying for God to move in the service. 

In another room, there was a room full of adults who were praying for God to move in the service that was happening. 

No wonder God is blessing their ministry.  There are saturating it with prayer.  I guess that’s what you do when you are in a country that is 98% Muslim.  

It is crucial to bring prayer into your ministry.  I have found that prayer makes the difference.  Our team meets together every Sunday morning for a time of prayer and connecting.  I can’t imagine doing ministry without this special time of prayer. 

Just remember this…nothing of eternal value happens without prayer. 

Let me explain it like this – I hate stopping to get gas.  You have to pull off the road, find a spot at the gas station, get out of your car, pay for the gas, pump the gas, put the pump back and get your receipt.  I don’t have time for this.  I’ve got places to go.  Things to do.  

But if I didn’t stop to gas up, I would soon run out of gas and not be able to go anywhere. 

Do you sometimes find yourself in the same predicament when it comes to spending time with God?  You’ve got so much to do for God that you don’t take time to spend with God.  Don’t try it. You will run out of gas and find yourself stranded spiritually. 

Stay in close contact with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to keep the ministry operating in His power instead of yours. As He re-fills your tank, you will find the grace and strength you need to lead the ministry well.  


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