Teaching Children to be Thankful

A lot has changed since the Pilgrims sailed in on the May Flower in 1621…

The Native Americans owned the land that the Pilgrims landed on, and they fed the Pilgrims during the cold winter because they had no food. The Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to hunt animals and plant crops to survive on their own.

A lot has changed since then. We really have so much more to be thankful for, and I think it is good to explain to our children how hard it was for our ancestors to live their daily lives.

Sit with your child and list what the Pilgrims did not have compared to what we have today. After you discuss this, make a list of the most important things, such as God, food, water, etc., and express what it means to live in a country that believes in freedom.

Start a box of thankfulness. Throughout the year, put notes into a box (young children, of course, will need help) that describe what you are thankful for on any particular day. On Thanksgiving Day, open the box as a family to remember the many reasons why Thanksgiving is such a special holiday to celebrate.

For November, make sure to say a prayer of thanks each day with your child! After all, we have so much to be thankful for, and frankly, we tend to take things for granted.

May God continue to bless you and your little ones. Let’s show our children how we are thankful, through actions and deeds, not only in words!

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