Strengthening Family Bonds With 36 Fun and Creative Baking Activities


“This provides parents with a very simple and fun and engaging guide to teach our kids that the bible has a solution for every problem we face. And so we cover 36 of the most common struggles that all kids face; we give you simple lessons, we give you biblical tools, and we give you fun family activities and discussion guides.” -Katie J. Trent.

Katie J. Trent is a licensed clinical social worker, a respected leader in the Christian homeschool community, and the founder of Family Faith-Building Academy. She spent over a decade counseling children, teens, and families before transitioning to homeschooling and writing.

During this episode, Katie discusses her latest book, Recipes for a Sweet Child. She offers valuable insights and practical tools for parents who are seeking to effectively disciple their kids and instill a strong faith from an early age. Katie emphasizes the importance of nurturing a healthy parent-child relationship as a foundation for effective discipleship. Her book offers strategies to integrate faith into everyday activities, such as baking and other fun family activities. By actively incorporating the teachings of the Bible into a child’s life, parents can help them develop a solid faith that is resilient against the challenges of the world.

Many parents feel overwhelmed or ill-equipped to navigate the complexities of raising kids with a strong faith. Katie’s book and insights offer reassurance that nobody has to have all the answers immediately, and that a nurturing relationship with their children is the key to fostering open conversations and wrestling with tough questions. It can also help parents gain the confidence to navigate common struggles like disobedience and peer pressure, while instilling biblical principles in their children’s hearts.

Whether you are a seasoned homeschooling parent or part of a non-homeschooling family, this book can be incorporated into any family’s life as it provides a flexible framework that allows parents to tailor the activities to their unique circumstances and needs. The devotionals and activities can be adapted for various ages, making them applicable to families with both young and older children.

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