Rise of the Enemy: A Devotional Book & Bible Study for Preteen Boys

“I think the Bible is very clear that God is a warrior god. There are so many times throughout the Old Testament that we see God leading his people into battle against their enemies.… I think God has wired our boys to identify with this unique aspect of God’s character, and I think our boys reflect God’s character in a unique way and that they are drawn to battle and adventure and things like that.” – Laurie Christine.

Laurie Christine is an author, podcast host, Biblical Parenting Coach, wife, and mom of four wild, loud, adventurous boys. Her podcast, Redeeming the Chaos, invites moms of boys to join her on the wild, wonderful adventure of raising courageous boys and connecting them with Christ.

During the episode, Laurie shares insights into her new devotional book, Rise of the Enemy – Book One in the Dragon Slayer Bible Series, and how it can help raise strong boys who develop deep connections with Christ. Drawing inspiration from Revelation 12:7-9, Laurie shares how this pivotal passage serves as the foundation for the Dragon Slayer Bible series. She introduces Michael, the archangel, as the storyteller, and the dragon is used as a metaphor for Satan, focusing on the theme of spiritual warfare and using the imagery of a dragon to engage children in the adventure of biblical truth. Laurie explains how the book guides children to identify the lies of the enemy and equip themselves with God’s word to stand strong against his attacks.

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Right. But against the spiritual forces of evil.” – Laurie Christine.

Laurie also offers additional resources on her website, including a free eBook titled Bored with the Bible, which offers practical tips and ideas on making family devotions more exciting. She has various prayer resources and an amazing podcast, Redeeming the Chaos, for anyone who wishes to raise courageous boys into godly men! Access all of her resources discussed in this episode here!

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