Psalm 1


The way of good and bad

character & the reward

of the righteous

Blessed is the one who obeys the law of the Lord.
He doesn’t follow the advice of evil people.
He doesn’t make a habit of doing what sinners do.
He doesn’t join those who make fun of the Lord and his law.

2 Instead, he takes delight in the law of the Lord.
He thinks about his Law Day and night.

3 He is like a tree that is planted near a stream of water.
It always bears its fruit at the right time.
Its leaves don’t dry up.
Everything godly people do turns out well.

4 Sinful people are not like that at all.
They are like straw that the wind blows away.

5 When the Lord judges them, their life will come to an end.
Sinners won’t have any place among those who are godly.

6 The Lord watches over the lives of those who are godly.
But the lives of sinful people will lead to their death.

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Shiv Mehta
Shiv Mehta
4 months ago

This is telling us to lead and not follow the crowd when it comes to believing in God.