Monica Swanson: Raising Amazing Kids & Building Strong Families

“There’s a lot of practical things we can do to build character in our kids; it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!” -Monica Swanson.

Monica Swanson is a popular blogger, the host of the Monica Swanson Podcast, and the author of Boy Mom and Raising Amazing. Monica graduated from Pepperdine University, has a teaching credential from Linfield College, and has a bachelor’s degree in sports medicine. Monica strives to encourage families to raise amazing kids and loves to help build strong family relationships. She defines the word “amazing” as a pleasant surprise or something that causes wonder, and she is passionate about helping parents and children build hearts of character and faith.

“It is so important for families to create their own culture, to have a place where their kids understand who we are and what we’re about and that they really belong.” -Monica Swanson.

Monica elaborates on the following key takeaways:
  • The importance of building family culture – everyone wants to have a sense of belonging and to fit in.
  • If our kids feel a sense of belonging at home, the chances of them wanting to get that feeling elsewhere become smaller.
  • The benefits of creating a family mission statement.
  • Character training methods to help transform a child’s character – create a list of inspiring character resources from other people and, as a requirement, have the child write down in a journal one nugget of information they got out of that resource each day.
  • Benefits and examples of reverse negotiation work well with pushy, argumentative kids who always want to negotiate when they are told no; whatever your child asked for that you have already said no to, you simply negotiate in the opposite direction.

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