How To Successfully Co-Parent in A Healthy & Loving Way

Tammy Daughtry is known as America’s Coparent Strategist. She is the author of the book Co-Parenting Works! and the founder of Co-Parenting International, which is an organization that helps thousands of single parents and stepparents raise amazing children in complex families. Her resource, One Heart, Two Homes, serves as a helpful guide for parents who recently went through a divorce or separation. Tammy and her husband, Jay, have a blended family of four adult children and five grandchildren.

Key takeaways:

  • Tammy discusses a road map for Christian parents going through either a divorce or a separation and how her organization can help them co-parent in a healthy and loving way.
  • A helpful tool from her book, Co-Parenting Works, called the New Family Bill of Rights, can be used to help both parents come up with a game plan and help them recognize that the children have a right to be able to enjoy both homes free of pain and guilt.
  • Both parents must be positive and mindful of their facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice when doing a hand-off, which is when the child goes from one home to the other.

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