How to Parent Passive Disobedience

It can be hard to get kids to hear and obey and instruction. This post explores one reason why kids may disobey and what you can do about it.

Disobedience comes in two flavors: passive and overt. In this post we will examine passive disobedience, what it looks like and how you can effectively respond. Next time, we will look more closely at overt disobedience.

What passive disobedience looks like

Misbehavior comes in all shapes and sizes. But when children fail to respond or comply with a parental instruction, it can be seen as opposite sides of the same coin. A child can be either passively disobedient or overtly disobedient in response to an instruction.

A child who engages in passive disobedience will have this sort of reaction to an instruction:

Mom: Please get off your iPad and fold the laundry.

Child: Okay Mom (but doesn’t do it)

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