How to Parent Overt Disobedience

Kids who outright refuse to obey can be a challenge to deal with. Here we explore why kids overtly disobey and how parents can effectively respond.

My last post addressed passive disobedience – when you ask your child to do something and they say, “Okay Mom,” but don’t do it. Here we will explore the more “button-pushing” form of disobedience: overt disobedience.

What overt disobedience looks like

An exchange with child who practices overt disobedience will go something like this:

Mom: Please put your bike away and come in for dinner.

Child: NO!! You can’t make me!

Overt disobedience may ruffle your feathers more than passive disobedience, but they are qualitatively the same response to an instruction. But how you respond will need to be different. Here are some tips on why kids might respond this way and how you can effectively address overt disobedience.

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