How to Help Children Navigate Peer Pressure & Academic Stress


Did you know children in high-achieving school districts had higher rates of substance misuse, depression, and anxiety?

During this episode, Lee Ann opens a thought-provoking discussion by addressing the competitive culture and the pressure to succeed that often infiltrates children’s lives. Drawing wisdom from the word of God, Lee Ann highlights key scriptures that shed light on this issue and provide guidance for parents and their children. She also shares shocking statistics and reveals how even high-achieving school districts can inadvertently contribute to increased substance misuse and mental health issues among children.

Lee Ann acknowledges the pressures parents face in wanting their children to excel in all areas of life. From academic achievement to fitting in on social media, the demands placed on our children are overwhelming. However, it is important for parents to let go of what they cannot control and instead focus on being a living example of grace in the face of adversity. She encourages listeners to trust God’s sovereignty and find peace in understanding that He is in control. By embracing this mindset, parents can release the unnecessary pressures that society places on them and their children, leading to better physical and emotional well being for the whole family.

By listening to this episode, you will hopefully gain a biblical perspective on the pressures children face today and discover how to support your child’s spiritual growth amidst the demands of society, learn practical strategies to reduce stress, and find encouragement and guidance in becoming a living example of God’s grace!

Resources mentioned: “The Pressures of the 21st Century Parenting,” by Sarah Walton & “The Difference Between Preparing and Pressuring Your Children to Follow Jesus,” by Patrick Schwenk.

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