Helpful Tips on How to Break Generational Parenting Patterns

What are generational parenting patterns and why do they matter?

Generational parenting patterns are patterns that are transferred from one generation to another. For example, if your parents screamed at you as a teenager, sometimes you may scream at your own teenagers now because that is the way you were raised. Or even saying things the same way your parents said things to you.

“I told you a thousand times, no!”

Throughout this episode, Lee Ann gives examples of some parenting patterns parents should be aware of, and shares different ways that we can change the way we say things to our children. She gives helpful tips on how we can change the wording of certain phrases that we use when we are angry with our children in order to not pass down unwanted generational parenting patterns to our children.

But, some parenting patterns can be developed from the word of God. Some examples: “ A leopard cannot change its spots,” Jeremiah 13:23; “The writing is on the wall, ” Daniel 5:5-6; “Fall by the wayside,” Luke 8:5; “An eye for an eye, ”Exodus 21:24; lastly, “A sign of the times,” Matthew 16:3.

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