Finding Common Ground: A Muslim & Christian Dialogue About Faith

In a world where differences often divide us, it’s important to find common ground and build bridges between communities of faith. Thank you to @mpac and Define American for bringing us together!
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In this video, we bring together myself (a Bible believing Christian) and my friend Tasneem (a Muslim, who also has a youtube channel linked below!) to engage in a conversation about our unique faiths. Through open and honest dialogue, we explore the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity, and share our personal experiences of how our faith has shaped our lives.

This dialogue isn’t just about theology and doctrine, but also about how these two friends navigate relationships, community, and the challenges of living out their faith in a modern world. Whether you’re a Muslim, Christian, or just curious about what brings people of different faiths together, this conversation offers a unique perspective on finding common ground in our shared humanity. #muslim #christian #commonground

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