Confidently Nurturing Deep Faith Roots in Your Kids through Small Habits

“When we are partnering with God and trusting in him for our child’s future, we can parent out of that sense of peace… and it helps us build a relationship with them while were helping them build a relationship with God.” Christie Thomas.

Christie Thomas is a Canadian homeschooling mom of 3 who spends her evenings helping Christian parents disciple their kids without knowing it all or doing it all. She is the author of several books for Christian families, including Quinn’s Promise Rock, Mother and Son Prayer Journal, and the award-winning devotional, Fruit Full: 100 Family Experiences For Growing in the Fruit of the Spirit.

During this episode, Christie elaborates on the following different ways Christian parents can confidently disciple their children and nurture deep faith roots:

  • The best way to nurture deep faith roots is by partnering with God and getting rid of the mentality that we have to do it right.
  • The benefits of sticking to small basic routines and faith habits.
  • We should parent out of a sense of peace instead of out of fear for our child’s future.
  • Her Mother and Son Prayer Journal follows King David’s life and is a great tool to help connect moms and sons with each other and with God.
  • Jesus lived out the fruit of the spirit when he was on the earth, and we can teach kids the fruit of the spirit from Jesus in a concrete yet playful and fun way; for example, “memorize it, draw it, pray it, research it, imagine it, and play it.”
  • Teaching children to overcome fear in this crazy world by helping them know that God is always with them.
  • Helping kids have the right words for their frustration when there’s a loss.

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