Champ Thornton Shares Resources to Help Kids Learn About Thankfulness & How to Manage Emotions


“Being thankful means seeing that God is the source of all the things that we experience in life.” – Champ Thornton.

Champ Thornton is an acquisitions editor at Crossway and the author of several books for kids and families, including The Really Radical Book for Kids, The Radical Book for Kids, Wonders of His Love, The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles, A Five-Senses Countdown to Calm: You Count!, Why Do We Say Good Night, and Why Do We Say Thank You?

During this episode, Champ discusses the importance of teaching children gratitude and thankfulness. He delves into the essential role of parents in connecting children to God in their everyday experiences. From fostering politeness to guiding emotional calmness, Champ has a treasure trove of resources for parents looking to cultivate strong Christian values in their children.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of teaching children gratitude and politeness.
  • The storyline of the book Why Do We Say Thank You? – features a grumpy young boy who learns to be thankful and the transformation of the boy’s perspective on gratitude through a dream sequence.
  • The connection between boredom and gratitude.
  • The role of parents in helping children recognize that everything comes from God.
  • Ideas and suggestions for parents to help children recognize the role of God in their lives and the importance of integrating faith into everyday experiences.
  • Organic ways to connect children to God in their daily lives.
  • A Five-Senses Countdown to Calm: You Count! can help guide children to manage their emotions through sensory experiences.
  • Addressing the importance of addressing spiritual topics, such as salvation and the existence of Satan, in children’s literature.

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