Are You Missing an Important Element of Discipline?

Discipline is a lot more than just telling our kids what we don’t want them to do. Here we explore the importance of training and some ways to do it.

When you hear the word “discipline,” what comes to mind? Probably some sort of consequence for a misbehavior. And you would be right. At least partially.

But, discipline is more than just correcting what you don’t want with a consequence. A big portion of discipline (possibly the most important part) is training.

The importance of training

If you think of this in terms of a sports team, training in parenting is like an offensive maneuver. Correction is defensive. We need both, but without a good offense, you won’t score any points.

Take a moment ant think over the last week of your parenting. Where did you spend most of your energy? Was it mostly in correction? Correction gets the most “air time” because it demands it. Things that require correction are obvious and in our faces. They require a response.

Now think about training. How much time did you spend teaching your kids what you would like to see when behavior was not a problem? If you are like most parents, probably not that much. It’s understandable. Training always takes a back seat when a limited resource like time is involved.

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