Are You Looking for Resources to Help Your Child Understand Complex Bible Stories?

That week, locked in the Monroe Juvenile Detention Center, Catherine gave her life to the Lord…

Catherine Zoller is the author of The Rhyme and Reason series and a dynamic speaker who uses humor and truth to inspire audiences across the country. Her testimony is proof of God’s ability to redeem everything. Her goal for the series is to familiarize children with the word of God and to help them understand complex Bible stories in a fun and engaging way!

Rhyming combined with colorful and humorous illustrations help children learn Bible stories while teaching them about the events in the Bible as well as God’s heart, in a fun and engaging way!

During this episode, Catherine discusses her book series and how it influences children to want to learn and read the stories/chapters of the Bible (Old and New Testament). The book series is composed of complex passages from chapters in the Bible, such as Revelation and Genesis, and simplified to rhyme for children to understand better and remember. Her difficult beginning has helped inspire countless audiences with her message of hope; it gives proof of the power of Biblical truth through her amazing book series and the immense wisdom she shares throughout this episode.

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