Are Kids Good Inside? A Christian Parenting Perspective

Are kids “good inside”? You may not think the answer to this question matters, but as a Christian parent, how you answer this question is foundational. It will impact how you conceptualize misbehavior and how you parent your kids. Underneath it all, this question is actually a theological one. When we ask, “Are kids good inside?” what we really want to know is: “Are kids sinful?”

I want to explore this issue through the lens of the totality of Scripture and how we can use the information from this question to inform our parenting. But first, a little context.

What do most people believe about being good inside?

One study found that almost 70% of Americans believe that people are basically good.

This is a prominent presupposition among popular secular parenting platforms. They assert that what parents perceive as “bad” behavior is simply immature, unskilled ways of communicating needs and desires. They believe that all misbehavior has underlying good intentions and we need to work with our kids from the idea that they are “good inside.”

This presupposition has leaked into the Christian parenting community as well. Some assert that young children are do not know right from wrong. Some have even used Scripture out of context to support this claim.

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