About the Children’s Department: Of Course We Need to Teach the “Whys”


Why do you use traditional curriculum in your Children’s Ministry? Clearly the answer is obvious . . . because teaching children the “whats” – what the Bible says and therefore what we believe – is one of the main purposes for your Children’s Ministry. Of course you want to teach children about what the Bible says – so, you carefully select a curriculum which will help you do this in the most engaging and effective way.

With the growing numbers of teens and young adults who are leaving their faith, it is also obvious we need to teach the “whys” – why we are able to believe God is real, the Bible is true, God and science DO go together, and God is good – and so for the same reasons we carefully select a curriculum which teaches the “whats”, we also need to select a curriculum which teaches the “whys” so you are able to engage children as you equip them with a confident faith.

Anchored curriculum supplement is a unique resource which will enable you to do exactly this as you use it with the curriculum you use to teach the “whats”. Anchored will not replace your traditional curriculum, just supplement it and make your ministry stronger and more effective.

Anchored is easy to use, engaging, and memorable. It will help you and parents/grandparents hand down confident faith. We are able to help the children in our ministries and families grow up so they are able to “hold firmly to the trustworthy Word as they have been taught” – but for this to happen, we must teach it. When we do, they will know the doctrine they have been taught is sound and will be able to stand firmly with a confident faith!

Check out Anchored. It provides the tools you need to teach the “whys”! You will find samples at this link and are able to order it in the bookstore at this link.

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