15 Holiday Hits for After Children’s Church

Christmas party games add joy and laughter to kidmin gatherings. Whether you’re having a children’s church event or a community gathering, the holiday season brings many reasons to celebrate.

Throughout December, children’s ministers have opportunities galore to share the good news of Jesus’ birth with kids and the entire community. And although the message is serious and life-changing, joy and laughter are important ingredients for making memories. So when it’s time for post-lesson activities or post-program Christmas party games, we have you covered!

Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with Sunday school students or neighborhood kids, use these Christmas party games to keep everyone jolly. Some require no or few supplies. Others use winter-themed materials and decorations you’ll likely have handy.

Ask parents or volunteers to provide game supplies, if needed. Older siblings may enjoy leading Christmas party games for younger students. The more, the merrier!

15 Christmas Party Games for Kids and Families

1. Saddle Up!

First up, have kids re-enact Mary and Joseph’s adventurous journey to Bethlehem with this Bible-themed game.

2. Right Left Nativity Game

In this activity, players must pay close attention to the Nativity story. They’ll listen for you to say “right” and “left” so they can move gifts around a circle.

3. Christmas Bows Races

Younger children will enjoy these sensory activities. Ideas include sorting bows by color and balancing bows atop heads.

4. Snowball Wreath Toss

Follow up this fun game with a discussion about how we and our families prepare for Christmas.

5. Candy Cane Game

Dexterity and laughter are keys to this goofy Christmas party game. Supplies include chopsticks, mini candy canes, and a Christmas stocking.

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